Wipro gave the joining dates for freshers

The third largest IT exporter in India,Wipro Technologies gave the joining dates for the freshers who have been waiting for nearly one year.The joining dates have been spilt over an year as said by the official and it seems to be controversial stuff.The Joining date starts from May 4 and ends on December 29th.Also,it s been said that after two months of training,if there isnt any projects in company, he/she will be sent home and web-based training will be conducted.Only 6000 will be paid during this web based program and till projects have been allocated the trainees have sit at home.
Already wipro gave BPO offers to freshers which raised the eyebrows of many students who got placed in Wipro.It was never expected that the much reputed company will defer the joining dates for one year.The students who got placed in Wipro were highly disappointed since, the companies rivals are doing well,as they absorbed 90% of freshers who got placed.


Lalu slams Varun Gandhi

The RJD chief and the union minister of Railways on a election campaign said furiously that he would have crushed Varun Gandhi for his remarks against the muslim.He said that,if he was Home Minister,he would have crushed Varun Gandhi with Road Roller.These statements made by Lalu created another controversy and definitely it could create some trouble for him.The EC is very strict with politicians this time and doesnt want any politicians to indulge against the code of conduct proposed by the EC.

However, the statements made by Lalu will be justified and he knows what to do.Varun Gandhi was the one who started this and his remarks were provocative.But Lalu’s statements were completely against an individual and not against the whole.

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PMK joins with ADMK

Finally the PMK showed its true colour, and they joined the hands of ADMK for the parliament elections.As it was said earlier that, PMK going to ally with ADMK has come true.There was a formal meeting between the PMK workers and voting took place on selecting the party to which the PMK should make an ally.As planned the PMK leader Ramdoss announced that support goes to ADMK.

The two Cabinet Ministers of PMK later announced that, they will resign their post soon.When asked about this to the Congress leader, Kapil Sibal,  casually said that the decision by PMK was expected and there is no surprise for him.He also said that PMK will come back to Congress after the elections because , UPA will be in power.

Ramdoss charged against the DMK leaders that no one approached him to talk about the alliance in Parliament elections.But thats not true.PMK has already decided the alliance and Just for reason to hop they blame on DMK.

However on one side  BJP is getting weaker and weaker since more rift is occuring within the NDA.

IPL not yet decided

Couple of days back it was confirmed that IPL is not going to take part in India and it has been announced that a foreign country will host the tournament.There were talks with the ECB to conduct match at England,but it is now doubt that, the tournament could not be played in England as weather forecasts doesnot favour the Cricket.

So the IPL organisers are looking into someother country to host.Probably the only one left out is South Africa and BCCI is looking into the response of south Africa.

Mr.Lalit Modi has said that within tomorrow the IPL schedule to be confirmed and the venues will also be listed out.Hope the tournament would start on time and Indians will have fun atleast by watching it through Television.Sony to broadcast all the matches.

Display as you desire

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