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Praja Rajyam in worry state

The much expected party to win the AP elections, Praja Rajyam started by the mass hero Chiranjeevi,is now in worry state since most of top leaders have wuit their position and hopped to other parties.It s been said that because of Chiranjeevi’s relative Allu Arvind,there has been mis understanding between the top leaders in the party.Chiranjeevi is worried on their decision and it could be big impact for the party in coming elections.Praja Rajyam is expected to won this election and Chiranjeevi is the mostly CM candidate.

Whatever it is , the celebrity status of Chiranjeevi wont disappear and it could make him to get the votes on his name.


Lalu slams Varun Gandhi

The RJD chief and the union minister of Railways on a election campaign said furiously that he would have crushed Varun Gandhi for his remarks against the muslim.He said that,if he was Home Minister,he would have crushed Varun Gandhi with Road Roller.These statements made by Lalu created another controversy and definitely it could create some trouble for him.The EC is very strict with politicians this time and doesnt want any politicians to indulge against the code of conduct proposed by the EC.

However, the statements made by Lalu will be justified and he knows what to do.Varun Gandhi was the one who started this and his remarks were provocative.But Lalu’s statements were completely against an individual and not against the whole.

PMK joins with ADMK

Finally the PMK showed its true colour, and they joined the hands of ADMK for the parliament elections.As it was said earlier that, PMK going to ally with ADMK has come true.There was a formal meeting between the PMK workers and voting took place on selecting the party to which the PMK should make an ally.As planned the PMK leader Ramdoss announced that support goes to ADMK.

The two Cabinet Ministers of PMK later announced that, they will resign their post soon.When asked about this to the Congress leader, Kapil Sibal,  casually said that the decision by PMK was expected and there is no surprise for him.He also said that PMK will come back to Congress after the elections because , UPA will be in power.

Ramdoss charged against the DMK leaders that no one approached him to talk about the alliance in Parliament elections.But thats not true.PMK has already decided the alliance and Just for reason to hop they blame on DMK.

However on one side  BJP is getting weaker and weaker since more rift is occuring within the NDA.

PMK on close to make tie with AIADMK

PMK party is closely having talks with the ADMK party about the seat allotments in Parliament elections.It has been said that the party has got a offer of 7 seats to contest in Lok Sabha Elections including one seat in Rajya Sabha.The PMK chief Ramdoss still did not disclose his decision on Alliance.The main issue is contesting in Chidambaram constituency since the party’s close ally VCK chief Thol.Thirumaavalan is contesting in Chidambaram.Ramdoss insisted VCK to join ADMK but,Thirumaavalan is firm in his decision to be allied with DMK.
Ramdoss turning out to be a perfect hopper.He has no respect in ADMK alliance and also he got an experience of that.During 2001 elections no respect was shown on him as ADMK has got the majority even though he was a part of the alliance.It is better for him to choose the DMK alliance, as the people here are very diplomatic.But nothing can be done when something is already decided.

Iftikhar Chaudry took incharge

The sacked supreme court judge during the emergency period of Prevez Musharaaf has been reinstated by Zardari’s government due to the pressure given by the opposition party Nawaz Sheriff.Iftikhar took incharge of Apex court judge and constituted a five member bench to accompany him.After the protest made by Lawyers led by Nawaz Sheriff which seems to go out of control made the Government to reinstate the Sacked Chief Justice.I don’t know why Politics is being involved in the judiciary matters.It is really sad to notice that,the Pakistan Government has weakened due to the bad administration of Zardari government.The whole world is criticizing it, as Pakistan is slowly becoming the epicenter of Terrorism.The biggest threat is for India and hope we would tackle this easily.

Favourites of Andhra Pradesh in elections.

The dates of Election has been announced and it is different situation in Andhra Pradesh as there is going to be both parliament elections and Assembly elections.The big impact would be the Chiranjeevi’s party Praja Rajyam, as the Actor stepped into Politics.Wherever he go,People swarm in and according to research,his meetings and the crowd in it resembles to the NTR meeting.The opposition parties are absorbing many celebrities and actors of Andhra Pradesh in order to increase their vote banks.Chiranjeevi is definitely favourite to win the elections and he has got most number of youth support all over in Andhra Pradesh.The Congress party and TDP both are trying to make bad impression on Chiranjeevi and all their efforts went in vain, as he is increasing his vote bank.It is expected that there could be a political revolution in Andhra Pradesh as a new big party could emerge soon.Either one of two parties i.e congress or TDP could get down from their supreme power in Andhra Pradesh as it happened in Tamil Nadu when MGR contested for Chief Minister post.
The mega Star of Andhra Pradesh has got a vast support and obviously he is the best alternative for Andhra.People now are considering that both the big parties are equally corrupt and they are expecting a Change in their governance.

Congress to stand alone in Bihar

Congress party has announced 37 nominees for Bihar state to contest in Parliament elections.This decision was taken since the RJD and LJP did not consider Congress in Bihar and considered them as minnows.Lalu Prasad had offered only 3 seats to congress in Bihar.This made Congress to change its decision in Bihar.The Congress high committee has decided that, They would stand alone in Bihar though they have support of RJD and LJP as a part of UPA.Paswan had talks with Lalu regarding this and Lalu clearly said that, he cant help for Congress decision.He also mentioned that,there is no rift in UPA and he will support UPA to form the government.The parties in UPA are strongly bonded and it is NDA which collapsed.There are more chances for UPA to mark another five year term and it could happen possibly.The internal clash within BJP is still active and they are helpless as other parties are taking over them.