Employed – Great Britain

Sometimes you may feel you are useless even though if you have huge archives of your past experience working in Corporate industries. Yes, I have been into some reputed and top notch industries around the world for almost 5 years and exemplified all my skills to become an IT expert(probably many can call it as survival of the fittest). It’s been a wonderful experience as I have developed a  new network of friends after graduation and still growing. It was that difficult time I have decided to leave my country and decided to pursue my career in Great Britain with lot of hopes. I had all sorts of work permit , skills and other required docs but unfortunately getting job in UK is not that easy as I was expecting it in India. Yeah it was that difficult moment I have started to think myself as an unfit in UK and decided to land up in some work that would help for my survival. For atleast 3 months I have been looking for some opportunities in Great Britain and have not got anything as I have narrowed down my job search to North West .  The annoying calls from recruitment agencies, getting all the information from you and never coming back with a response is like adding insult to your injury. That is the time I have decided to develop my job search skills and became less dependent on the recruitment agencies. I did all the online research and started applying to the companies career web portal and contact them through e-mails. This kind of approach finally paid me off and I got a job offer from a company that is based out of NorthWest UK. I was really happy as I have got job based on my skills and experience and all the pressure on my head smoked out. Getting employed in UK is not as easy as in India , as you really need the right skills to match the job description. For all the jobs we apply we really need to provide the reason why we are applying for it in a brief covering letter.  Always find a job with a positive attitude that you wanted to learn something new in your work and never turn back to your previous job as you may have less chance of replicating the same.

All the best!.



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