Praja Rajyam in worry state

The much expected party to win the AP elections, Praja Rajyam started by the mass hero Chiranjeevi,is now in worry state since most of top leaders have wuit their position and hopped to other parties.It s been said that because of Chiranjeevi’s relative Allu Arvind,there has been mis understanding between the top leaders in the party.Chiranjeevi is worried on their decision and it could be big impact for the party in coming elections.Praja Rajyam is expected to won this election and Chiranjeevi is the mostly CM candidate.

Whatever it is , the celebrity status of Chiranjeevi wont disappear and it could make him to get the votes on his name.


2 thoughts on “Praja Rajyam in worry state”

  1. he can never win …… he is blinded with $$$$$$$

    he is the worst person whom i ever admired ……. he can never win ……….

    truth only triumphs jp would win

  2. Can PRP reject a person from working for the party betterment with a motive to get the seat later when the fact is the party is just launched and the thought of allotting seats has not arise – Of course Not.

    If more than 1 person is asking for the same Assembly/Lok Sabha seat then to how many people can PRP allot a seat based on their confidence and party allotment criteria? ONE

    Will the remaining people who are not allotted a seat tell to the Media that PRP did not have the confidence in him/her so they were not given the seat? Of course Not

    Is there cost involved in running daily road shows – YES
    Is there cost involved in running Ads in the Media – YES
    Is there cost Involved in Running the Party Offices – YES

    Does this money have to come from Party Bank Balance – YES
    Does Party Bank Balance improve with out raising Party Fund – NO

    Is YSR justified in giving 80+ seats to Reddy’s alone and ignoring other OC castes completely? NO
    Is CBN plain opportunistic in a ton of ways with no integrity? NO

    Is YSR corrupt? YES
    Is CBN corrupt? YES
    Is Allu Aravind corrupt? For asking much needed party fund

    Did CBN Flip Flop over Telangana Issue? YES
    Did YSR Flip Flop over Telangana Issue? YES
    Did Chiranjeevi Flip Flop over Telangana Issue? NO

    Chiranjeevi earned money through his own hard work and talent – YES
    Did YSR family earn so much in just 5 years through plain Hard Work? NO
    Did CBN family earn so much in just 9 years through plain Hard Work? NO

    Majority of the Media Tycoons have affiliation to a party? YES
    Does PRP have a channel supporting them as in case of Congress and TDP – NO

    Will Congress be headed by an outsider other than Indira, Rajeev, Sonia…? NO
    Will TDP be headed by an Outsider other than NTR, CBN, NBK…? NO

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