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Sensex crosses 11000 mark

It is being a pleasant month for the investors since, they have been beaten with big whip for some 6 months.After 8 months the BSE mark has crossed over 11000 mark and many shares gained their value back.The blood bath turned out to be very ecological.But experts say that the market is still volatile and at any time we can expect a deep fall in sensex points.Moreover the Indian economists say that the volatility in markets would be solved in months and stability will come intact soon.Many lost their money over months and this 11000 mark would make the losers to breathe easy.It is advised to minimize the risk at the maximum and not to involve in very large trading.Investors are advised not to invest by borrowing.

However,the Satyam shares surge down today from its previous days value,even though its share price is fixed to be INR.58.00.India’s race in this recession will come to an end and everything will come into control soon.We can expect a recovery by the mid of this fiscal year.hope it will happen soon.


Sensex gives New year Gift

The day one of this year for the Indian Stocks was a warm welcome and the markets today ended up with green.Gaining more than 250 points in BSE and 75 points in Nifty,the sensex suprised the investors.The experts say that the markets will be volatile till 6 months of this year and it will become stable only after six months.Today almost all the shares were in green and among top gainers tata motors and Satyam joined.

It is good for Satyam that they have started this year with green mark,since they were losing points all through this year.Also the Satyam Chairman Ramanujar has mailed to his employees about the company’s turnover and the projects they have in hand.All these have been done in order to solve the anxiety that is prevailing among the investors.the anxiety occured as the World bank has banned the Satyam from its services and its decision to buy bad assets.

Hope this year would be the best for the Indian Economy and for the world as Obama is going to take oath this year.Definitely he might come out with huge plans about the recovery from the recession.

All the best for the global economy.