Employed – Great Britain

Sometimes you may feel you are useless even though if you have huge archives of your past experience working in Corporate industries. Yes, I have been into some reputed and top notch industries around the world for almost 5 years and exemplified all my skills to become an IT expert(probably many can call it as survival of the fittest). It’s been a wonderful experience as I have developed a  new network of friends after graduation and still growing. It was that difficult time I have decided to leave my country and decided to pursue my career in Great Britain with lot of hopes. I had all sorts of work permit , skills and other required docs but unfortunately getting job in UK is not that easy as I was expecting it in India. Yeah it was that difficult moment I have started to think myself as an unfit in UK and decided to land up in some work that would help for my survival. For atleast 3 months I have been looking for some opportunities in Great Britain and have not got anything as I have narrowed down my job search to North West .  The annoying calls from recruitment agencies, getting all the information from you and never coming back with a response is like adding insult to your injury. That is the time I have decided to develop my job search skills and became less dependent on the recruitment agencies. I did all the online research and started applying to the companies career web portal and contact them through e-mails. This kind of approach finally paid me off and I got a job offer from a company that is based out of NorthWest UK. I was really happy as I have got job based on my skills and experience and all the pressure on my head smoked out. Getting employed in UK is not as easy as in India , as you really need the right skills to match the job description. For all the jobs we apply we really need to provide the reason why we are applying for it in a brief covering letter.  Always find a job with a positive attitude that you wanted to learn something new in your work and never turn back to your previous job as you may have less chance of replicating the same.

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Tier-4 Dependent Visa in UK

Hello folks , hope this post provides much of the information that your are in need off. This post talks for Tier-4 dependents. Tier-4 dependents are elgible to work in UK as long their Spouse/Partner  has the right to work atleast for 20 hours per week stamped in their Visa.  Also the Spouse/Partner must have Visa for more than 12 months. You can work fulltime anywhere in UK and you do not need any sponsorship from the employer. For skilled workers you can  start applying for jobs online by providing your details in CV and covering letter. Never hesitate to mention your situation in covering letter and make it clear that you are into Tier-4 dependent. Many of the recruiter does not have much knowledge of Tier-4 dependent visa  as they are mostly aware of Tier-2 sponsorship. Always highlight to the recruiters that you do not need any sponsorship from employers. Before you start applying for the jobs it is always recommend to register for National Insurance number. All you have to do is  make a call to the National Insurance call center and provide your full name as in your Passport with your current residence in UK. A week later you may get some documents to fill in up through Post and you are expected to return back with a photocopy of your passport and visa stamping. It is not necessary to have National Insurance and apply for the job, you can mention to your recruiter that you have applied for it. But try to get one ASAP. Few tips on searching for Jobs. Most of recruiters would look for permanent position, as you may visa for limited period of time it is always recommended to apply contract/ temporary positions. All the best. Hope you find this post an useful one.

Sensex crosses 11000 mark

It is being a pleasant month for the investors since, they have been beaten with big whip for some 6 months.After 8 months the BSE mark has crossed over 11000 mark and many shares gained their value back.The blood bath turned out to be very ecological.But experts say that the market is still volatile and at any time we can expect a deep fall in sensex points.Moreover the Indian economists say that the volatility in markets would be solved in months and stability will come intact soon.Many lost their money over months and this 11000 mark would make the losers to breathe easy.It is advised to minimize the risk at the maximum and not to involve in very large trading.Investors are advised not to invest by borrowing.

However,the Satyam shares surge down today from its previous days value,even though its share price is fixed to be INR.58.00.India’s race in this recession will come to an end and everything will come into control soon.We can expect a recovery by the mid of this fiscal year.hope it will happen soon.

Praja Rajyam in worry state

The much expected party to win the AP elections, Praja Rajyam started by the mass hero Chiranjeevi,is now in worry state since most of top leaders have wuit their position and hopped to other parties.It s been said that because of Chiranjeevi’s relative Allu Arvind,there has been mis understanding between the top leaders in the party.Chiranjeevi is worried on their decision and it could be big impact for the party in coming elections.Praja Rajyam is expected to won this election and Chiranjeevi is the mostly CM candidate.

Whatever it is , the celebrity status of Chiranjeevi wont disappear and it could make him to get the votes on his name.

Ragging victim from PSG

P.S.Akhil dev ,first year student of PSG arts and science college in Coimbatore has become a victim of ragging and reported recently about that.It seems that on march 7 he has been ragged by his senior in his hostel room.he and his friend has been asked to lick the seniors shoes and after that they have been hit hardly.With injuries,Akhil went back to his home for treatment and reported about this to college management.The compliant has been lodged against the accused and he supposed to be arrested.These kind of activities in colleges makes the student community to feel ashame and they have bow down because of these incidents.
The accused senior should be punished in such a way,that it should be a lesson to everyone.

Life in our hands!

It has been keenly noticed that world is facing a sudden increase in alcohol production and drug addiction and gradually this drug addiction has become a big problem all over the world. Even health authorities are not performing well in this scenario that is why many drug rehab facility centers have come up to help the addicts and stop this evil from spreading.A heroin withdrawal is a symptom which is caused by heroin addiction, which could manifest itself in different kind of symptoms includes: Abdominal pain, Agitation, Diarrhea, Dilated pupils, Goose bumps, Nausea, Runny nose, Sweating, Vomiting or even just similar with common Flu symptom. Obviously, whether they’re realizing the worst part or not, the addicted victim should get a serious heroin rehab.The withdrawal period is important as it is the early stage before patients go to the next stages. Completing this stage will be useful for patients as they will likely be able to quit from the addiction. So, if you are looking for such treatment, you can surely consider this rehabilitation facility as your first choice.Prevent the worst thing that might happen to you or your loved one who already have experiencing drug addiction, get help immediately and choose the most reputable and trusted drug rehab facility.

Hardwork makes you to reach on top,But smart work makes it easier!!