Ragging victim from PSG

P.S.Akhil dev ,first year student of PSG arts and science college in Coimbatore has become a victim of ragging and reported recently about that.It seems that on march 7 he has been ragged by his senior in his hostel room.he and his friend has been asked to lick the seniors shoes and after that they have been hit hardly.With injuries,Akhil went back to his home for treatment and reported about this to college management.The compliant has been lodged against the accused and he supposed to be arrested.These kind of activities in colleges makes the student community to feel ashame and they have bow down because of these incidents.
The accused senior should be punished in such a way,that it should be a lesson to everyone.


One thought on “Ragging victim from PSG”

    While the allegedragging at a city college has been making news for reportedly “blinding” a first-year student, a crosssection of people vouch that the incident was a mere group fight and victim Akhil was as much to blame for the violence.

    According to a preliminary probe conducted by the college authorities, Akhil, who was thrown out of his flat by his landlord, had asked his senior Rameez’s permission to stay in his flat as Rameez had been hospitalised.

    “But when Rameez came back and asked Akhil and his friend Tony to find alternative accommodation he was roughed up by the duo.

    On hearing his cries, Rameez’s batchmates — the five boys named in the FIR — came to his rescue resulting in a free for all,” disclosed Prof M.K. Chinnadurai, HoD of the commerce department of PSG College of Arts and Science, who conducted the probe.

    College principal Sheela Ramachandran pointed out that “Even then we suspended the five as soon as Akhil’s father gave his complaint.” A family member of Rameez said the two groups had struck a compromise, had dinner at a roadside dhaba and went to their respective homes.

    However, Akhil’s father Sunil Parameswaran insists that it was a case of ragging.

    Akhil’s classmate Tony chose to file a complaint of ragging with the college management but refused to give a similar complaint to the police.

    The ragging aspect can be confirmed only after interrogating independent witnesses, said DCP K. Shanmugavel.

    Read the report from deccan chronicle. http://www.dc-epaper.com/DC/DCC/2009/04/15/ArticleHtmls/15_04_2009_005_003.shtml?Mode=0

    Please dont accuse the children without knowing the truth

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