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Tier-4 Dependent Visa in UK

Hello folks , hope this post provides much of the information that your are in need off. This post talks for Tier-4 dependents. Tier-4 dependents are elgible to work in UK as long their Spouse/Partner  has the right to work atleast for 20 hours per week stamped in their Visa.  Also the Spouse/Partner must have Visa for more than 12 months. You can work fulltime anywhere in UK and you do not need any sponsorship from the employer. For skilled workers you can  start applying for jobs online by providing your details in CV and covering letter. Never hesitate to mention your situation in covering letter and make it clear that you are into Tier-4 dependent. Many of the recruiter does not have much knowledge of Tier-4 dependent visa  as they are mostly aware of Tier-2 sponsorship. Always highlight to the recruiters that you do not need any sponsorship from employers. Before you start applying for the jobs it is always recommend to register for National Insurance number. All you have to do is  make a call to the National Insurance call center and provide your full name as in your Passport with your current residence in UK. A week later you may get some documents to fill in up through Post and you are expected to return back with a photocopy of your passport and visa stamping. It is not necessary to have National Insurance and apply for the job, you can mention to your recruiter that you have applied for it. But try to get one ASAP. Few tips on searching for Jobs. Most of recruiters would look for permanent position, as you may visa for limited period of time it is always recommended to apply contract/ temporary positions. All the best. Hope you find this post an useful one.


Sensex crosses 11000 mark

It is being a pleasant month for the investors since, they have been beaten with big whip for some 6 months.After 8 months the BSE mark has crossed over 11000 mark and many shares gained their value back.The blood bath turned out to be very ecological.But experts say that the market is still volatile and at any time we can expect a deep fall in sensex points.Moreover the Indian economists say that the volatility in markets would be solved in months and stability will come intact soon.Many lost their money over months and this 11000 mark would make the losers to breathe easy.It is advised to minimize the risk at the maximum and not to involve in very large trading.Investors are advised not to invest by borrowing.

However,the Satyam shares surge down today from its previous days value,even though its share price is fixed to be INR.58.00.India’s race in this recession will come to an end and everything will come into control soon.We can expect a recovery by the mid of this fiscal year.hope it will happen soon.

Wipro gave the joining dates for freshers

The third largest IT exporter in India,Wipro Technologies gave the joining dates for the freshers who have been waiting for nearly one year.The joining dates have been spilt over an year as said by the official and it seems to be controversial stuff.The Joining date starts from May 4 and ends on December 29th.Also,it s been said that after two months of training,if there isnt any projects in company, he/she will be sent home and web-based training will be conducted.Only 6000 will be paid during this web based program and till projects have been allocated the trainees have sit at home.
Already wipro gave BPO offers to freshers which raised the eyebrows of many students who got placed in Wipro.It was never expected that the much reputed company will defer the joining dates for one year.The students who got placed in Wipro were highly disappointed since, the companies rivals are doing well,as they absorbed 90% of freshers who got placed.

Satyam Clients knocking the doors of its rivals

The Scandal hit Satyam Computers is now losing its customer base, as its clients lost the faith that they kept on Satyam.The Clients of Satyam are preferring to submit their projects to its rivals like Wipro,TCS,Accenture,IBM.Infact an Abu Dhabi based company pulled out the project from Satyam and handed over to 3i Infotech.

The Clients are ready to offer the companies like Wipro and TCS .Nearly $300 to $400 million projects are to be renewed this year by Satyam’s Client and it may be considered by them.The major problem is for the Companies which are bidding to gain the large number of Stake in Satyam.Companies like IBM,L & T infotech,Igate are looking for the revenues that Satyam would get from its clients,so that they can go for bid boldly.It’s been already said that the bid for Satyam is below the current Market price.

More and more problems are being aroused for Satyam and it has lost its credibility.It is really bad news for Satyam employees, but real good news for other rival company staff’s as their ones will be improved.

Satyam has to find a new way and make it tall as it was before.

1,00,000 Indians to return from US

The world is crying in recession.The recent study done by an university located in United States has presented that, by 2-3 years more than 1,00,000 Indians and also the Chinese will return back to their native and will boost their economy.Learning the technical stuff and becoming strong in their skills, They will find a good place in their native and will help their nation to improve.It is clearly said that, if US losses, the world gains.

By learning the western education and get more skilled in their technical field, the Indians can do anything for their nation,making it as a strong competitor against United States.Already India is the global hub for R & D.

Obama with his moves in recent days related to protectionissm.Now it is obvious that US could come out with strong plans in immigration 0f other nationalities.

Nothing is going to happen by destroying something.It is better to recreate.

Recession could end this year

The recession all over the world could possibly end by this year,said the US federal chairman.The federal Bank Chariman Ben Bernanke said that,the recession which affected almost all the countries around the world is nearing its end.This could be possibly face the end by this year,since all possible ways are found.

He said that,once the banks and financial institutions get stabilzed in their status, it will start to improve.He also said,moderate improvement could be seen over months.No full employment can be achieved all of a sudden and it will be done gradually.His message could give some relief to everyone, since many are awaiting for the rise after decline.The worst ever crisis and people are suffering in it.

Indian Markets stumbles

After a huge raise in Sensex points in both BSE and NIFTY last year, now it s been facing the 40 month low.The worst ever hit crisis is on, in this world and definitely this shadows the decline in Indian growth.The Sensex points are getting down gradually, as it was in 10000 mark and from there it slowly came to 9500, where it showed some resistance.But there after there was a huge fall to 8500 and some resistance showed up there for weeks.But now for the past four days the markets are seen in red and It is expected to go down below 7000 mark.Experts feel that, small investors can go on with intra day trading.Long term investment plan is not advised in this situation, since no one has clear idea ,when there will be a recovery of this slowdown.

It is advised to do intra day trading, and also been said that trading should be done on our own risk.Suggestions may go wrong, since markets are volatile.India started to feel the recession and their growth may be affected because of this.However, Indian government trying its best to find an alternative path to imporve the GDP.The inflation as of today is 3.03% which was nearly 12% five months back.The crude oil price is trading at $40.

This economic overcast will continue for another 15 months and there will not be a sudden change.The most affected sectors in this Slowdown were, Real estate,Outsourcing,Banking, Automobile and Aviation.

Obama’s economic stimulus package is still under scanner and it may get into action at any moment.Most nations are ready with their own stimulus package in which they believe, they can sort out, all the problems.,

According to the former President of India,Mr.Abdul Kalam, this slowdown can be eradicated by concentrating on the rural development in India.By doing this , India can succeed in the race for developed nation.His dream about India in 2020 will come true, if everything goes on well.

Hope, this slowdown will be recovered soon and the Global economic conditions will be in stable position.