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Tier-4 Dependent Visa in UK

Hello folks , hope this post provides much of the information that your are in need off. This post talks for Tier-4 dependents. Tier-4 dependents are elgible to work in UK as long their Spouse/Partner  has the right to work atleast for 20 hours per week stamped in their Visa.  Also the Spouse/Partner must have Visa for more than 12 months. You can work fulltime anywhere in UK and you do not need any sponsorship from the employer. For skilled workers you can  start applying for jobs online by providing your details in CV and covering letter. Never hesitate to mention your situation in covering letter and make it clear that you are into Tier-4 dependent. Many of the recruiter does not have much knowledge of Tier-4 dependent visa  as they are mostly aware of Tier-2 sponsorship. Always highlight to the recruiters that you do not need any sponsorship from employers. Before you start applying for the jobs it is always recommend to register for National Insurance number. All you have to do is  make a call to the National Insurance call center and provide your full name as in your Passport with your current residence in UK. A week later you may get some documents to fill in up through Post and you are expected to return back with a photocopy of your passport and visa stamping. It is not necessary to have National Insurance and apply for the job, you can mention to your recruiter that you have applied for it. But try to get one ASAP. Few tips on searching for Jobs. Most of recruiters would look for permanent position, as you may visa for limited period of time it is always recommended to apply contract/ temporary positions. All the best. Hope you find this post an useful one.


Much about Casino

The world needs entertainment.But it becomes bore when it comes from the same fields.We need different areas and everything to be new.Playing online casinos gives more differences than playing offline. When they want to play online casinos, they can visit hundreds online casino sites in the internet. A huge number of online casino sites could make us difficult to choose the suitable and the best one to play.The Popularity of Casino and Gambling websites always lies in the trust and authenticity people keep on it. Gamblers are now moved to online casinos and gambling with advent and improvement in Internet.I have read many expert gamblers on independent online casino reviewers, and I got simply understand about choosing a best casino.
If you are truly beginner, do not bet without read expert recommendation or play with virtual money for well understanding about startup bonus, games software and live support such as payment method, security transaction and accessible community to ask your master about the games or how to be master.
We know that many countries make some restriction rules for gamblers to avoid negative impact on gamblers but I don’t think so, if you have a lot of money and decide to invest and bet on casino, it is your choice and it is nice for you to save your money through betting on trusted and reliable Online Casino.Mucho Online Casino Games has over 100 casino software games to chose from and all include high quality graphics and digital sound. They have won countless awards and are approved by Safe bet and Electronic Gaming commission. And the good news for US citizen is, you can still play here !You can trust much o casino as your guide to search another casino online game that you like. So! What do you think about this one? Come and take a look by your self if you don’t trust me.

Get close to your closest ones

Hope everybody would have heard about the Voice over Internet protocol.There are many services which are providing this facility.Yesterday,I was searching for one fine services which is providing VOIP.When I was seraching i came to see Skype,lingo,vopibuster,etc.But everything seems to be normal but found a real good one which seem to be very mush user friendly.The name was RingCentral.It is same as Skype, that you can make calls to other countries through computer.You can make calls from computer to Phones of other countries at very low fare.So instead of making calls from Phone to Phone you can make calls from PC to phone.In Ring Central you can also avail a Toll-free number and so if you are doing business you can boost it up using this toll-free number.There is also fax service available with Ring Central.The fare is also low for calls,which is 0.039$ per minute.It is a complete enterprise class phone with fax features.Moreover if you want to know about more of its features you can log into the site called,where you can find more reviews about Ring Central Review column.You can also write testimonials about the products in the site.

After coming to know all these feature with ring central, I have decided to go for this Voip service to make foreign calls.Since my friends are in abroad, this will be useful for me to reach them often.Thanks for voip.

Problems faced with Google Chrome

Google Chrome, the newly launched web browser which is said to compete with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has some countable problems in it . Many would have downloaded it and may even using that as their default browser.Even my default browser is Google chrome.It has many features overcoming Microsoft’s Internet explorer.But when people want to use any product,their first question will be , “is there any problem faced with that product”.So it happened to Google Chrome also . No software is made to perfection.The problems I faced with google chrome were,

( i )  There is some complication in adding plugins to the browser.                                                                            When i wanted to install alexa ranking plugin in my chrome browser, i found real difficulty in that and i failed to do so.

( ii ) Some sites contain flash windows in it.When I was making a registration through online ,  i was supposed to get a flash window in my next step.But i never got it.I tried thrice, but it failed to do so in google chrome . The same thing i did in Mozilla Firefox,and i got the window what i was expecting.This made me to feel bad about Google chrome.

( iii ) A new feature called incognito window which is a separate window for google search.Though this new feature is an attractive one, this might irritate you on some way. When you search for something in this window through giving some keywords you will get the results window.But these keywords will not be stored in cache and it will be cleared as soon as you close this window.So for the next time when you search on, you will not find any such keywords on the list.

Besides all these drawbacks,Google Chrome is really an effective browser when considered with security.Especially with Gmail accounts, you cannot give a specification to remember your password and if you do so, each and everytime you login you will be asked for the Login Id and Password regularly, which is really an attractive one for  Gmail account users.

Thanks for reading this post with patience.

Google’s Chrome to take on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

Google Inc, creator of the world’s most popular internet search engine, has developed its own web browser to challenge Microsoft Corp’s dominant Internet Explorer.

A test version of new software, named Google Chrome, will be available for download on Tuesday in more than 100 countries, Google announced on its corporate blog on Monday.

The company said its aim was to deliver a faster, more user-friendly and safer browser.

Web browsers are programmes that allow computer users to navigate the Internet. If Chrome is well-received, Google – which is already the top earner from online advertising and also offers programmes and services from e-mail to office software to virtually the entire globe – would further solidify its position in the industry.

At the same time, its browser was sure to be closely examined by privacy advocates because Mountain View, a California-based company, has been accused of collecting too much data on its customers.

Competition in the browser sector has increased substantially. The top player remains Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but its market share has dropped from more than 90 per cent a few years ago to nearly 75 per cent today, market researchers said.

In second place is the open-source programme Firefox with a share of nearly 20 per cent. Another strong competitor is Apple Inc’s Safari.

Like Firefox, Chrome is to be released as open-source software, Google said. Such software can be further developed and improved by independent programmers.

Google touted Chrome as being more stable and better at running complex web applications. For instance, it said, Chrome isolates web pages with errors so users can close only the flawed pages without having to shut down the entire application while also receiving better protection from rogue web sites.

The company said Chrome also includes a more powerful JavaScriptengine, called V8, to run the next generation of web applications.

Google’s release of the browser harkens back to the browser war of the mid-1990s. At that time, Microsoft beat back the dominant browser, Netscape Navigator, to insignificance, largely because it offered its Explorer for free with its Windows operating system.

Microsoft introduced the second test version of its Internet Explorer 8 a few days ago. Experts said the latest version of its browser can keep up with the current versions of Firefox and Safari.

To download the Google Chrome: click here

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