PMK joins with ADMK

Finally the PMK showed its true colour, and they joined the hands of ADMK for the parliament elections.As it was said earlier that, PMK going to ally with ADMK has come true.There was a formal meeting between the PMK workers and voting took place on selecting the party to which the PMK should make an ally.As planned the PMK leader Ramdoss announced that support goes to ADMK.

The two Cabinet Ministers of PMK later announced that, they will resign their post soon.When asked about this to the Congress leader, Kapil Sibal,  casually said that the decision by PMK was expected and there is no surprise for him.He also said that PMK will come back to Congress after the elections because , UPA will be in power.

Ramdoss charged against the DMK leaders that no one approached him to talk about the alliance in Parliament elections.But thats not true.PMK has already decided the alliance and Just for reason to hop they blame on DMK.

However on one side  BJP is getting weaker and weaker since more rift is occuring within the NDA.


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