PMK on close to make tie with AIADMK

PMK party is closely having talks with the ADMK party about the seat allotments in Parliament elections.It has been said that the party has got a offer of 7 seats to contest in Lok Sabha Elections including one seat in Rajya Sabha.The PMK chief Ramdoss still did not disclose his decision on Alliance.The main issue is contesting in Chidambaram constituency since the party’s close ally VCK chief Thol.Thirumaavalan is contesting in Chidambaram.Ramdoss insisted VCK to join ADMK but,Thirumaavalan is firm in his decision to be allied with DMK.
Ramdoss turning out to be a perfect hopper.He has no respect in ADMK alliance and also he got an experience of that.During 2001 elections no respect was shown on him as ADMK has got the majority even though he was a part of the alliance.It is better for him to choose the DMK alliance, as the people here are very diplomatic.But nothing can be done when something is already decided.


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