IPL in England

The Indian premier league is finally going to be held at England.The official announcement has been done today,after the BCCI officials had a meeting.There was continuos objection for conducting the tournament during the election period, due to security reasons.The state governments of India didnot support the IPL organisers as, they have less amount of Security personnels.The BCCI officials said that they dont want to postpone or reschedule the tournament,as they have already lost the Champions league tournament this year.So that,they have made the decision to take IPL to England.The dates are confirmed its only the venues to be announced.It is expected to be announced within 2 or 3 days.The decision taken by BCCI is wrong.They should have postponed the tournament.It is now clearly shows that BCCI is here for just money and not for Cricket.Only because they might lose huge amount of money they are shifting it to England.BCCI is not a government and they should abide what the Indian government suggests.Instead of that they completely ignored the Home Ministry advise and tried to conduct the tournament  some how in India.But their attempts failed in all tries.Finally they have decided to  move on England where county cricket is already famous and nothing is going to make any more interesting.Lets see what happens in England.


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