Favourites of Andhra Pradesh in elections.

The dates of Election has been announced and it is different situation in Andhra Pradesh as there is going to be both parliament elections and Assembly elections.The big impact would be the Chiranjeevi’s party Praja Rajyam, as the Actor stepped into Politics.Wherever he go,People swarm in and according to research,his meetings and the crowd in it resembles to the NTR meeting.The opposition parties are absorbing many celebrities and actors of Andhra Pradesh in order to increase their vote banks.Chiranjeevi is definitely favourite to win the elections and he has got most number of youth support all over in Andhra Pradesh.The Congress party and TDP both are trying to make bad impression on Chiranjeevi and all their efforts went in vain, as he is increasing his vote bank.It is expected that there could be a political revolution in Andhra Pradesh as a new big party could emerge soon.Either one of two parties i.e congress or TDP could get down from their supreme power in Andhra Pradesh as it happened in Tamil Nadu when MGR contested for Chief Minister post.
The mega Star of Andhra Pradesh has got a vast support and obviously he is the best alternative for Andhra.People now are considering that both the big parties are equally corrupt and they are expecting a Change in their governance.


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