Congress to stand alone in Bihar

Congress party has announced 37 nominees for Bihar state to contest in Parliament elections.This decision was taken since the RJD and LJP did not consider Congress in Bihar and considered them as minnows.Lalu Prasad had offered only 3 seats to congress in Bihar.This made Congress to change its decision in Bihar.The Congress high committee has decided that, They would stand alone in Bihar though they have support of RJD and LJP as a part of UPA.Paswan had talks with Lalu regarding this and Lalu clearly said that, he cant help for Congress decision.He also mentioned that,there is no rift in UPA and he will support UPA to form the government.The parties in UPA are strongly bonded and it is NDA which collapsed.There are more chances for UPA to mark another five year term and it could happen possibly.The internal clash within BJP is still active and they are helpless as other parties are taking over them.


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