Tata Nano to be launched on March 23

The nations much awaited release of Tata Nano is on March 23.The dream of Ratan Tata and middle class people is going to be fulfilled soon.The world’s cheapest car Tata Nano with one lakh rupees is going to be released.It can be registered nation wide by submitting the application in State Bank of India.The cost of application is Rs.300 and will be made available in all branches all over India.

The Singur people are still worrying that they missed the Nano project from their place, since it could have created thousands of jobs to them.Opportunity favoured Gujarat.Does Nano really destroyed the farmers.No, not really,it was Mamata Banerjee who destroyed them and as well as the jobs of West Bengal.

This election will teach her a nice lesson.Alright politics apart.Tata nano,the small car is more than enough for one lakh, since it s been designed in such a way that four persons can sit in car and mileage will be 20-22.Both petrol and diesel car design to be released.On competitive to TATA,Mahindra is also launching small car.It is expected on June.Whatever it is, Tata did what he said.Hats off to him.


One thought on “Tata Nano to be launched on March 23”

  1. Tata has raised the prestige of India by showing the world the technological competance. For a realistic comparison we should look at China, there is a model from Cherry for 5200 $ which has dual air bags and features available in mid segment cars in India. So with specification of Nano a 2500$ car could have been built there. Of course creating a specification for a middle class person to migrate from 2 wheeler to 4 heeler is the real achievement and full marks to to Tatas.

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