Lawyers strike called off

The prolonged boycott by the Lawyers of Tamil Nadu has came to an end today.The association has announced that all the lawyers will return to their work from Monday onwards.On saying this they also mentioned that this action is taken only for the request made by the Highcourt Judges and for the concern of public.Also there is another reason in where, the two IPS officers were been suspended for taking action against the lawyers on Feb 19.

The Madras High Court judge asked the Lawyers to return back to their work since many cases getting weaker because of their strike.

I dont know why the Lawyers withdrew their support suddenly.Does they ever  thought about the pains felt by the public because of their strike? Sudden care for public came or what?.Not really ..It’s all about the pressure.When they got the order that group of lawyers are coming from Delhi Bar council to examine the situation, they might have had pulled back their thoughts and changed their decision in boycotting further.Moreover,I can say very toughly that, the Lawyers have not withdrew their strike for public concern, but only for politics and their private reasons.If they really do care about the public, they should have called off their strike earlier itself.

Notably,the High court also took action on one sided and left the remaining as it.May be the decision could be to solve the issue in quicker manner.Even after suspending the two IPS officers,the Police people did not turn up wildly as the lawyers did and they have gone to appeal to Home secretary.This is the way,the lawyers should went on.Instead of that, they left the public helpless and now saying that they are calling off the strike for public.

I dont know why Lawyers have become such kind.I have heard from my father that, in his days Lawyers with white dress would be  so calm as their dress.They were been sensible and perfect in their work never indulging themselves into unwanted issues.Where these kind of people are gone.Why dont lawyers are not like the earlier ones.

We the public are really worried and upset by the activities carried upon by lawyers,since we believe only in law and when there is some problem within the law makers how can we trust it.Right from my childhood i heard that Justice delayed is denied.Dont they have read this ever….

I’m sorry if my words hurt anyone in particular..I m expressing clearly whatever i think.Comments are welcome.


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