Actress Asin in trouble again

Actress Asin who recently scored marks in her acting in Ghajini film now got into trouble again.She was already in trouble for torturing her helping girl in Mumbai and the problem has been solved very recently.Now a new problem aroused for her.The allegation was made by a mother of Nagappan who has been working as an assistant to Asin in Mumbai .According to mother her son is missing for months.She got a call from her son one month back, saying that he is being treated worst and tortured,no one here is ready to leave him.Two weeks later there was no contact from him it seems.When she communicated,her son’s mobile was switched off.Thus she got scared and made a report to Commissioner of Police Chennai.The Police filed the case and started the enquiry.

But the Actress Asin strongly opposed these allegations made on her and said that, her assistant quit his job long back in January and she has nothing to do with him after that.She also said that,her assistant went away saying to her that he is going back to his mother.Thus there is a conspiracy behind this and something is happening at the back.The police would crack down this quickly and hope they would find the missing person soon.


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