Varun Gandhi Apologises

Varun Gandhi who made inflammatory speeches in a campaign in Uttar pradesh got into trouble and EC issued a notice against him and ordered to file crime charge against him.His speech was provocative and was against the other communities and religions.

When asked about this to him ,he said that his speech has been tampered and the opposition parties are creating a issue of it.It was the same diaologue as the politician would say when caught red handed.After all,Mr.Varun Gandhi has no other option other than apologise.He seeked for apologise against his remarks and said that he respects other religious people.

But I think EC will take this issue as a serious one and will take action against Varun Gandhi.The clash between the Titans in BJP is a big headache for the party and now this issue has made them to be in back seat.


One thought on “Varun Gandhi Apologises”

  1. As u have written above that varun’s speech was provocative, can u tell me even a single word which he had included in speech was against other religions. I think even not a single word…! If a muslim leader has said this there would probably no action takes place as happened before.

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