Opportunities sealed by HR’s

The year 2008 is the worst ever days for the fresh graduates.Many havent got any job yet and still searching for it.IT field is down at its knees and there are layoffs rather recruitment.One year made a big swing in Economy.Persons who are in search of job finds it difficult to reach.Many have said that there is no opening in companies.But that is not true.There are vacancies and all those have been filled without opening the mouth.Those vacancies are being filled through back door.The HR who is in  charge of recruitment board informs his close ones and known persons about the vacancies and gives first priority to those people.If you come to know that there is an opportunity,even though you do good in interview you cant succeed, since the short list have been prepared already;The HR will be paid with good sum of money or the first month salary after finishing the interview process.The most sad thing is,there are people who involve in brokering for job and deceives people who are in frustration to get job.

These people should be identified and pelted with stones.Dont HR’s know that there are people waiting outside without any job.HR’s are not gods from heaven.These kind of attitude will make a big impact on the growth of company.The recommendations  should be ignored and mere talent should be encouraged.


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