Delhi,Vizag,Jaipur to miss IPL

The fireworks of IPL to be missed out in Delhi,Vizag and Jaipur due security problems.The IPL organisers has submitted the schedules for the IPL matches to home ministry and it has been rejected twice on security grounds.The third schedule list has been submitted in which,three places have been dropped from the plan.All the three were big ones.Delhi,Vizag and Jaipur to miss the action.It has been clearly said that due to elections there will no be sufficient security to protect the players.

The home ministry is closely monitoring the situation and it will check up with the new schedule.Lalit Modi the organiser of IPL is adament in this and he wants IPL to take part on time.The tournament will be held and the only problem is the date fixtures since elections are going on same time.

Ultimately,its whether entertainment or Security.First its security,as terrorism has rooted out everywhere it’s out duty to take preventive measures.The IPL organisers should follow the Home ministry suggestions since they act as the intelligence bureau reports.Hope everything will go on well.


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