Advani promises to give one lakh for every girl

The Election season started and voices being raised all over India.Many controversial incidents are happening and will still happen.The BJP leader and prime ministerial candidate Mr.L.K.Advani has promised in his blog that, if he and his party comes into power he will provide Rs.One lakh to every girl when she becomes 18  to make sure that she goes for higher studies.He also said that this will reduce the female foeticide and increase the number of females in the nation.

In India out of 714 million electorate 340 are females.This promise which was made by Advani was justified by pointing out scheme which was implemented in Madhya pradesh after elections.The welfare of women is the welfare of our nation said the Hindutva follower.

Do you  think this will come into action if BJP comes into power? I dont think so.When there has been a delay for nearly 10 years in womens reservation quota, how come this will come into act.I think Advani started his real face of politics.If at all it happens,at the age of 18 still there is a practise of marriage for women.So where will that money go.

I think the whole BJP is now in confused state of mind because of internal clashes between them.First they should get resolved with those issues.Advani has got lot of respect and he should release his election manifesto carefully since people are not as such in earlier days.Everyone has got to know how to operate an mobile phone and they know what all is about politics.Media is vital in creating a government.Such powerful people should be very keen in bringing the best government.They should not be biased towards a particular party.


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