Vijay gets angry during Press meet

Actor vijay who is really worried about his continous flops in his projects has showed his face to camera.During a press meet he lost his control and shouted like anything.It was clear that, he was tensed at that moment.The video has been added here..


17 thoughts on “Vijay gets angry during Press meet”

  1. its ok man…
    this is a common mans reaction..
    You can make hitz again……

    Fans are with you…

  2. This is the first instance for me seeing Vijay yelling some one off screen. See the complete video here

  3. Boss!!
    We never seen Actor Vijay like this offscreen that might be embarrasing for every Vijay fans.

    But think he is a normal human being like us,

    Won’t we people get angry????

    Won’t we shout when we are pissed off!!!

    It ‘s a emotion!!!

    He ROCKED in his previous movies!! and he will ROCK in his forthcoming movies…

    He will know about his career better than all of us.
    Till he will try to survive as a Super Hero!!! He will treat his fans with BIG Hits soon!!



  4. Our Ilayathalapthi Joseph Vijay will soon become the first Christian Superstar of Tamil Cinema. He will also become the first Christian Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. Long Live Josph Vijay. All movies of Joseph Vijay will be hits with Jesus’s help.

  5. JOSEPH Vijay,

    you should start, the church service again.

    pls go the father at the church and ask for help man

    you have no stuff, just repeat, like vomit,

    you are full of shit Joseph vijay

  6. Intha Nai ipdi panumnu enaku yearkanave theriyum… itha sona namala paithiya karannu soluranga… Hayo hayo…

  7. Vijay oru kena pu…. Antha naayellam tension aaguthaa? naanga thaan da tension aaganum.. antha naaya thookkula thonga sollu..

  8. ajith potta cannot shout like this….

    you need guts to shout like this….

    heye heye heye heye

  9. Vijay u cannot survive in this field with the same masala movies starting with fight, comedy and sentiments…….. All actors are trying different getups and working hard.

    So u r no where there u just get lost idiot from this filed

  10. we are all know that vijay is a action king.but nw he proved that he is a great comedian too……sama comedy.indha ijay eppavume ipdithanya……………tension party.adha maraika velila podra vesham than amaidhi.bcoz he doesn’t knw the way of talking in public.padathla pesra madhiri nerla pesuna evan kepaan.hayyya….jolly

  11. hi ajith fans dont fight with us.vijay ur the next superstar.your four getup in vettaikaran is going to rock…….

  12. fucking assholes
    to all HAters and to all cocksucking ajithfans
    vijay is coming with vettaikaran
    and to fucking parvez
    im gonna fuck ur mom motherfucker

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