Varun Gandhi to be arrested

The BJP party men and Menaka Gandhi’s son Mr.Varun Gandhi is under trouble due to his speech given during  an Election Campaign in UP.He has been given a ticket on behalf of BJP to contest in UP for MP elections.But because of his speech against the muslims and irresponsible statements lead him to big trouble.His speech was like provoking the Hindus and instigating violence against the Muslims.According to the Congressmen who submitted the CD containing his speech, said that Mr.Varun Gandhi should be arrested under NSA.

In his speech, Varun Gandhi has said that “India is the place for Hindus alone and let all the Muslims migrate as refugees to Pakistan”.He also said that, if someone slaps on our cheek, we should not show our other one, rather we should cut their hands.

These kind of statements are against the code conduct of Election.The Election Commission did not wait for any explanation from Varun Gandhi and immediately ordered to file Crime Charge against this person.He might be arrested at any moment.This is the real face of BJP.

Their policy is Hindutva and it came clearly that they want the Muslims to be eradicated completely away from India.

India should not come into the hands of these people.
It is really sad that her Mother Menaka is working for the welfare of Animals and pets,but this guy Varun Gandhi wants the hands of other religious people.He should be sentenced and the EC should ban him from contesting in future elections.This should be a lesson to everyone.

India is not for you and it is for its people.Better the politicians be careful..We are awaken..


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