Satyam Clients knocking the doors of its rivals

The Scandal hit Satyam Computers is now losing its customer base, as its clients lost the faith that they kept on Satyam.The Clients of Satyam are preferring to submit their projects to its rivals like Wipro,TCS,Accenture,IBM.Infact an Abu Dhabi based company pulled out the project from Satyam and handed over to 3i Infotech.

The Clients are ready to offer the companies like Wipro and TCS .Nearly $300 to $400 million projects are to be renewed this year by Satyam’s Client and it may be considered by them.The major problem is for the Companies which are bidding to gain the large number of Stake in Satyam.Companies like IBM,L & T infotech,Igate are looking for the revenues that Satyam would get from its clients,so that they can go for bid boldly.It’s been already said that the bid for Satyam is below the current Market price.

More and more problems are being aroused for Satyam and it has lost its credibility.It is really bad news for Satyam employees, but real good news for other rival company staff’s as their ones will be improved.

Satyam has to find a new way and make it tall as it was before.


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