Third front formed!!

The parliament election dates are announced and now its going to be full of cut outs and posters all around India.Last time it was a big competition between UPA and NDA..But now third front has aroused.The TDS,Left,TRS,JDS and some more parties have rised their hands against the UPA and NDA.They have decided to defeat congress and also want a non-secular government should be formed.

But their big drawback is back slide of Mayawati.The BSP Chief and UP chief Minister already said that she needs to be announced as the Prime Ministerial Candidate,if the third front needs her support.But yesterday,she said that, she will stand in parliament elections without endorsing any alliance.Also the AIADMK  announced that they will stand alone in elections.

I think this election will be furious and will have a big impact on Indian future.Dont know whose hand gonna raise.But it is clear that, Third front only has a single digit percentage to win this election, as they have taken a wrong decision to tie up with Left.They will understand how left will behave, the policies of Left and other parties in the third front are completely different and will have contradiction within them.This will not last long.

Anyways all the best to the new team.


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