Nawaz Shariff celebrates

The internal politics within Pakistan is now came to end after the Prime Minister came up with Sharif’s demand.The Government of Pakistan was in real pressure since the agitation started by Nawaz Shariff.Infact, Sharif was banned from contesting in elections.This moved made him to start protesting against the Government.There has been rumours that,President Zardari has been asked to stay in Dubai since there situation in Pakistan is worsening.But he gave his appearance in Pakistan.Something was happening internally and there was a situation of bringing up another emergency and Generel’s rule in Pakistan.But now everything has been solved.Nawaz Sharif and his party workers were protesting all over Paksitan demanding the reinstate of Top Judge who has been sacked by the previous the government.There has been a delay in this and now Yousuf Raza Gilani understood the situation in Pakistan and accepted to reinstate the top Judge back to his position.After this announcement many were celebrating this and fire works all over the Pakistan as if they got the independence.

“It is a new beginning,” said Mohammad Sharif, an activist who travelled to Islamabad from the southern port city of Karachi. “Pakistan has started giving birth to revolution.”

Sadia Azmat, a teacher from Lahore, capital of Sharif’s Punjab power base, was stunned to realise there were no more police stopping her from getting to Chaudhry’s home.

“What a moment we have been witness to. I’ll never forget it in my life,” she proclaimed.

As they celebrated, authorities began dismantling the barricades which had been erected to block lawyers and opposition supporters from marching on the capital.

Lawyers in the northwestern city of Peshawar gathered in courts where they danced and distributed sweets, witnesses said.


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