1,00,000 Indians to return from US

The world is crying in recession.The recent study done by an university located in United States has presented that, by 2-3 years more than 1,00,000 Indians and also the Chinese will return back to their native and will boost their economy.Learning the technical stuff and becoming strong in their skills, They will find a good place in their native and will help their nation to improve.It is clearly said that, if US losses, the world gains.

By learning the western education and get more skilled in their technical field, the Indians can do anything for their nation,making it as a strong competitor against United States.Already India is the global hub for R & D.

Obama with his moves in recent days related to protectionissm.Now it is obvious that US could come out with strong plans in immigration 0f other nationalities.

Nothing is going to happen by destroying something.It is better to recreate.


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