Justice B.N.Srikrishna submits the interim report

The shameful incident between the two groups of people who are supposed t0 abide by the law ,which happened on February 19 is really a black day for Indian Constitution.The lawyers still protesting and boycotting the Court works demanding the action on  Police personnels who involved in this incident.The government has appointed a retired Justice of Supreme court to submit a report on this issue.Mr.B.N.Sri Krishnan has been appointed and he submitted the interim report yesterday to the three judge Bench headed by K.G.BalaKrishnan.

In his, report he has mentioned that, It was lawyers who started the violence and those unruly lawyers were responsible for that.But once Police stepped into action it was unstoppable as both of them started a ugly clash.He also said that, No individual police personnel or the Lawyer can be named until the detailed inquiry is done.

He also said that it is all because of the soft pedalling policy which is being carried out by the Madras high Court judges, which makes the Lawyers to take advantage.

He said that, It was Lawyers who initiated the violence, but the police people who lathi charged on them went on like Hooglians.They even damaged the physical properties in that Charge, behaved like a mob.Then where does the difference comes between the Lawyers and the Police.He slammed the Lawyers who stage protest on this issue.

He also urged that some strong Advocate amendment should be done inorder  to lead on a disciplined life and to know how important their Job is.He also said that, complete report will be submitted in due course.

The Lawyers who are now being protesting and boycotting as if they did not do any mistake, got a big knock on thier head.Atleast they should understand now and get back to their work.It is completely absurd, since the Lawyers protested demanding a cease fire in Srilanka, but now they seem to have completely forgotten that and involving in a senseless protesting.This itself shows how their attitude is.The people who seem to be protesting are selfish,since they dont think the problems of 0thers.

If they really give respect to the law and to the administration of Justice , they should get back to their work, orelse they should undress all their valuable Black Coats and get back to home, since they are unfit to enter the Court premises.


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