Vijay Mallya brought back India’s heritage

The liquor tycoon and one of the top business man Vijay Mallya today did a proud thing to our nation.It has been announced by an auction company that, there will be an auction on Mahatma Gandhi’s belongings at new york on March 5.There was many protests against this as the auction seems to be destroying the national heritage of India.The belongings of Gandhiji are invaluable.Knowing this Mr.Mallya had made a bid to all those belongings of Mahatma Gandhi and also won the auction.He got it for 9 crores and said, he would have got that for any amount.

All the Indians are very proud that, our bapu’s belongings are coming back to Our nation and not in the hands of others.Mallya also said that, he is really lucky to touch all the belongings of Mahatma and he is ready to give all those to the Indian Government back again.His genorisity was amazing and he made proud to all Indians and showed that we are real patriots.Each and every Indian should be thankful to Mallaya, since he was the only person who came forward to take part in Auction.Hats off to him.

Jai Hind


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