Indian Markets stumbles

After a huge raise in Sensex points in both BSE and NIFTY last year, now it s been facing the 40 month low.The worst ever hit crisis is on, in this world and definitely this shadows the decline in Indian growth.The Sensex points are getting down gradually, as it was in 10000 mark and from there it slowly came to 9500, where it showed some resistance.But there after there was a huge fall to 8500 and some resistance showed up there for weeks.But now for the past four days the markets are seen in red and It is expected to go down below 7000 mark.Experts feel that, small investors can go on with intra day trading.Long term investment plan is not advised in this situation, since no one has clear idea ,when there will be a recovery of this slowdown.

It is advised to do intra day trading, and also been said that trading should be done on our own risk.Suggestions may go wrong, since markets are volatile.India started to feel the recession and their growth may be affected because of this.However, Indian government trying its best to find an alternative path to imporve the GDP.The inflation as of today is 3.03% which was nearly 12% five months back.The crude oil price is trading at $40.

This economic overcast will continue for another 15 months and there will not be a sudden change.The most affected sectors in this Slowdown were, Real estate,Outsourcing,Banking, Automobile and Aviation.

Obama’s economic stimulus package is still under scanner and it may get into action at any moment.Most nations are ready with their own stimulus package in which they believe, they can sort out, all the problems.,

According to the former President of India,Mr.Abdul Kalam, this slowdown can be eradicated by concentrating on the rural development in India.By doing this , India can succeed in the race for developed nation.His dream about India in 2020 will come true, if everything goes on well.

Hope, this slowdown will be recovered soon and the Global economic conditions will be in stable position.


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