Hot in Chennai

Its been cool in early morning and as day progresses, the sun shines brighter and the remaining day is like sitting in Hot furnace .Chennai is very hot now.I was not able to walk even 100 m in this hot sun and it is really like hell walking on road.Hot air makes the body heat and it boils as if kept in Oven.

It is March ,and still there are lot of things to tolerate.The temperature will be peak during May and June and dont know what we are going to do.Even now the temperature seems to be like in May and see how it will be in May.Our climatic conditions are slowly changing, obviously it is due to global warming.

It is strongly advised to Drink lot of water and have some liquid stuff, since the common problem during summer is dehydration.Clean up yourself regulary and take bath atleast twice .Better be always fresh.Use Olive oil in face, so that your face wont lose the moisture.Do not have junk foods and deep fried food items, since you will get some indigestion problem.And finally try control your tension, since this hot climate will make you tempered.Better make yourself cool in this hot climate.


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