Overcome your Exam stress

Now, this could be the worst ever period for students since they are going to face the final phase of exams of this year.Yes, Students have to perform in their exams to the best, since they have to get promoted to the next level of class.Though some people dont have fear, the students of Class ten and 12 th will be firing in their studies, since it is the last time for them.

The students who are going to write the ten and Twelve exams should be out of stress.Even though they have prepared for the whole year, still they may feel that they are not ready for the exams.First of all they should get rid of this stress, since they knew everything and will be telling their mind that they havent studied anything.Our brain is very powerful and will take whatever you say.So better have positive attitude and confidence with you.

Then some people might feel very tight in exam hall, that too before giving Question paper.The best way is to get deep breath and then look into the question paper.The lack of Oxygen can make you to be  unstable.So get some long breadth and then start writing.Use ink pens at the maximum, so that your presentation will be good.

Whenever you dont know the answer, do not leave as it is.Try to write something related to question since you have the chance of getting it as right.Never leave it as it is..Try it..

When it comes to Maths,better be sure of choosing the problems..If it is a proving sum, better choose that one since you already know the answer and you are just going to prove it.

Try to finish the exam quickly and review the whole answer sheet, since it will make your answers as a perfect one.

When it comes to Biology, try to draw the diagrams neatly and skeptically, atleast name it properly, because in Biology diagrams will fetch you more marks.



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