Info about Concrete Cancer

Have you ever heard about concrete cancer? Well, concrete is a building material made of cement, sand, water and small stones. When concrete ages it will deteriorate and the aging process causes star shaped cracks to appear. In winter, the deterioration is accelerated caused by freeze thawing of water within the cracks. This is called by concrete cancer.

Every structure that is built from concrete may be affected by concrete cancer include bridges, highways and housing. Concrete cancer is often identified by flaking concrete or concrete spalling within the concrete. Concrete nowadays is used as steel reinforced concrete. Concrete cancer is cause by rusted reinforcing from within the steel. When the steel rusts, it become larger up to 7 times from its original size. It will cause the surrounding concrete to be displaced. In this condition, water gets to the steel happen more quickly to the process.

There are some ways that can start the process of concrete cancer but common thing are treating reinforcing steel in poor way, the ends of the reinforcing is too close to the surface, incompatible metals, fractures in the concrete that make the water to penetrate the concrete and react with the steel. These are only small things about concrete cancer. If you need more information about concrete cancer, you can find it in


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