Cricket affected due to terror

Cricket ,the most entertaining stuff in Sub continents, now become as a victim of Terrorism.No one thought that, terrorism will affect the Sports.The attack on Srilankan players three days back in Lahore, made the Pakistan Security Officials heads to be down.The worst ever attack on sports persons.The Srilankan players were escaped with minor injuries and they flewed back to Colombo.They got some tearful reception from their families.Many cricketers and former players showed their red face.Dominic cork of England has said that he wont get into Pakistan again and never wants his life to be in danger.This is real shameful for Pakistan, since there are large number of terror outfits in Pakistan.Pakistan has to taken some action against these terrorists orelse it will lead their future into danger and who knows Pakistan may become like another Iraq.

Pakistan clearly knows that, all nations are watching them and they are also under pressure from US..Obama continously mentioning that, Pakistan has become the epicentre of Terrorism.Amidst this economic slowdown headache, Terrorism has become the severe body pain.Everything should be under control and these Terrorists should be taught lesson.


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