Terrorists attack Srilankan Cricket team

Terrorism has rooted all over the world and it has even stepped into sporting action.Today it was a sad day in Pakistan as the “Terrorists” (who ll be from here mentioned as Cowards) attacked the Srilankan Cricket Team at Gaddifi Stadium,Lahore.The cowards targetted the Srilankan team as per the plan and initiated the fire.There were nearly 10 to 12 cowards surrounded the Srilankan team bus and open fired indefinitely.There was a continous exchange of firing between the Police and Cowards.Four Police and two trespassers were shot down and all the cowards escaped after 15 mins.During the encounter, the Srilankan team bus was attacked and some of the players were injured minorly.According to the reports, none of the players were critical and only shrapnel on shoulder.The players were evacuated from the stadium through Choppers and flewed to UAE for further treatment.From there they will return to Colombo.The whole world condemned this cowards attack and India is keenly watching the moves in Pakistan.It was a mere intelligence failure.

The ICC has condemned the attack.BCCI has said that, there will not be cricketing ties between Pakistan and India for another 4 to 5 years. The decision is upto ICC whether to conduct world cup in Pakistan.The security is the main concern and the government has lost its credibility.

It was not two days , as United States said that, Pakistan is the epicenter of Terrorism and should be curbed immediately.Necessary action should be taken and the people who were involved in this attack should be arrested immediately.

Srilankan team was sent as a good will ambassador to Pakistan and this attack on them, clearly shows that Pakistan’ s government is not stable.The officials of Pakistan has said that, it was similar to Mumbai attack.


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