India won the first one day against Newzealand

After losing the two 20-20 matches against the Black caps,The champions bounced back and their resilence showed the spirit of the game.The first One day international against New zealand started today.India won the toss and elected to bat first,as the Napier pitch was in favourite of batsmen.After 4 overs rain interrupted the play and match started with 38 overs limted.Losing sachin earlier, Indian batsmen played brilliantly and scored 273 in 38 overs.Dhoni was on top scorer with 84.In the next innings, Newzealand lost Mccullum earlier and suffered a bit.Indian restricted them with wonderfull spells and after 20 overs, when NZ lost 5 wickets, rani again stopped the play and then match has been limited to 28 overs.With rush, NZ lost 9 wickets and lost the match.Indians were good in all parts.

It was a good win for Indians as it would boost up the confidence for the rest of the matches.Man of match award was given to MS DHONI..



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