Lawyers Strike continues-Demands for the action against Police

The dirty incident that happened in Madras high court on Feb,19 was the black for Indian Justice.Both categories of people who are supposed to abide and protect the  Indian Justice behaved like barbarians.The cause for the clash cannot be one sided.I posted about this clash in my blog, and all through my post I would have favoured the Police personnel.I got lot of replies for that post from Lawyers too, making a clear understand of what happened on that day.

I dont want to change my stand, as i would say still the problem is with the Lawyers who insisted in scuffle on Feb 19.It was not Police who blazed away the High court vehicles and offices first.It was the same Lawyers,who cursed and slammed the Police personals during the  Law college student incidents as dumb watching cows now staging protest demanding the arrest of Police who involved in attack.What would happened,if Police havent took any action on furious Lawyers after attacking  the Fire service which came to extinguish the fire on Police Station.Whatever might be the reason, dont these Lawyers know they are doing everything against the Law.Didnt they study all these in their period of Course.Police has got some reputation in Public, if they lose that one,everybody will start making fun of Police.

I got a comment saying that, my post is biased towards one side..I’m not a politcian or a Police personal, not working for any government Service.I have expressed just what a comman person observes.

Lawyers are protesting for the action against the Police people who involved in scuffle.They are boycotting the court for this.People think,what will happen if Police people start protesting and boycott their work.You cant find a peaceful Tamil Nadu.Just one hour is enough to prove how strong a Police protest would be.They know that they have to do their job and it is their duty to protect and safeguard the Public.Understand the problem of police.Arent they human beings?..They too have the same feelings as what you have..They are not Paranormal or Aliens with super powers.And You know, most of the Lawyers who have been injured in High Court clash have been admitted in Apollo hospital.But the Police people who have been injured were taken to Government hospital,where treatment is good but not an extraordinary one.

Even when Lawyers stage protest, still the Police will give protection to them.Because its their duty, on the other hand, Lawyers dont understand the situation and disrupting the court functions.Remember Justice delayed is justice denied.Anything can happen at any time.

I would like the Lawyers to call off their strike and return to their functions.This is not the time to show, who is strong.

Better dont be the victims of Politics.. Get on to work and work for India unitedly..

Jai hind


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