Slumdog Millionaire wins 8 Oscars


The much expected and surefire favourites in Oscars, Slum Dog Millionaire decorated the show with its name all over.The movie won 8 Oscars and with it also won the best motion picture of the year 2008.On music part alone the movie won four Oscars and created history.It made the bollywood on top and also the Indian cinema as the best.

The best director award went to Danny Boyle and he was excited as if he is on top of the world.He was jumping in air.The best part was A.R.Rahman, as he got two Oscars.

They were the best and so they were honoured.Congratulations to all those who made their appearance on the screen as well as off the screen.

People they have won OSCAR..Woooohh great isnt it????


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