Pranab’s Statement on Srilankan Tamils

The External Affairs Minister Mr.Pranab Mukherjee yesterday in question hour made statements about the Srilankan issue and the protection of Tamils living up there.

During this, he made statements marking that the LTTE are the ones killing Tamils in Srilanka.Because of this ,the MP’s of PMK and MDMK protested against Minister’s remarks and started shouting in Parliament saying that, Srilankan military forces are killing the Tamils and not the LTTE.They also urged the Minister to get back his remarks.After hell of noise in Lok Sabha,the much reputed minister and senior Congressmen asked sorry if he has committed any mistake.

The generosity shown by Pranab was tremendous and it was clear that he doesnt want this issue to continue anymore, since it was a sensitive one.Congress is clear that,they will support the Srilankan army to eradicate LTTE from Srilanka.But they are also saying that, The Tamils living up there should be protected and kept in safe place.

The Srilankan issue is getting bigger as the pariliament elections are nearby.The signs show clearly that,there may be huge reduction in congress vote banks in Tamil Nadu as they are silent in Srilankan issue.


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