Path:- Business or Employee

2007 was the best for Engineering Students as most of them were on top to get jobs in IT companies.But as days move on from 2007, the crisis started.Markets went down, layoffs everywhere,bankruptcy and more.

By December end, it was clear that, Students are going to suffer in future and especially the 2008 passed outs.Many got placed in reputed organisations and still waiting for their reporting dates.When there was an option of searching for a new job, all the gates were closed.No openings in IT companies and even layoffs were ongoing.People who joined in BPO ‘s as a part time stuff turned that into regular one and working there with half mind.Who will work for call center when you have paid nearly some two lakhs for studying Engineering.There is no difference between a person who completed HSC and professional courses, when you work in a low qualified postion.But it is not a mistake when you really dont have anyother option.I’m not hurting anyone, but this is the fact.For example, some people do courses while doing their graduation.This is to make themselves as strong in their subjects and to gain knowledge.But even those courses are payable and you will look for worthiness in that.Similarly the course you to do should be able to find you a job.Yes, Of course IT was on top before two years and now it on sick bed.Nothing to blame on economic situation.

What should we do in this narrow opened world.This is the right opportunity for you to make use.Raise a question of “Do You want to be recruited or you want to be recruiter “?

Yes,Business could be the right alternative at this position.Even a small business is appreciable.The type of business you are going to choose will lead you the way.It is better to do a business related to your studies.If you are a Computer Science student, why not start a Coaching center for various Programming Languages ,as people are waiting for some good brains to enhance their brains.

Similarly there are more ways to make you as a Boss.Better choose the path.


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