Naan Kadavul Movie Review

AHAAM BRAHMASSMI...The whole film comes under this slogan..

Another different movie on a row by director Bala.After Sethu,Nanda,Pithamagan..Bala went on with his fourth victory.The movie is based on the beggars, who are being treated as the worst slaves.

The starrer Arya is hardly coming in 30 to 45 mins and the remaining film is conquered by Pooja and other actors who have acted as beggars in the film.

Arya is shown as an “AGORI” who lives in Kasi.Actually he was left by his father in Kasi during his childhood due to astrological reasons.When his father realises his mistake and when he wants his son back,he searches for him in Kasi.

With the help of a purohit, he finds his son Ruthra(Arya) as an AGORI.AGORI’s are the people who are not a normal person and says themselves as GOD.They have the power of making a person’s soul to rest in peace and with their blessing a person cannot take another life in earth(Mukthi)..

Arya’s father meets the Guru of AGORI’s and requests him to send his son back again to him.With his Guru’s advice, Arya returns back to Tamil Nadu.

After this the torture given to beggars and making them real fit to impoverish will be shown in the film, which will be heart breaking.From now story goes on and at the end Arya kills the people who are not fit in this world.

The screenplay done by Bala is fantastic and with a small story and less budget, the film has been done successfully.In this film Pooja acts as a blind and she might well get a National award for her performance.

A simple story has been decorated by the best director.To say about the music, The maestro once again proved that no one can beat his music.Tremendous background music.

Arya’s performance in the movie is good and the Aasana he has performed in the film is really superb.With head on ground and legs in the air as in sitting position,made everybody to think, how he could have done that.That was not trick, but really made by Arya.

There is no seperate track for comedy,but the film is comprised of comical issues.Lot to think after the movie and definitely the movie will long last in your mind for some time after watching it.

The only disadvantage of the movie is, there are more unnecessary scenes showing the beggars life.That could have been shortened.Apart from this,the movie is golden rated.

8 out of 10 can be given for this movie.



One thought on “Naan Kadavul Movie Review”

  1. Hi Karthick,

    ‘m also a fan of bala. They way he maked the film was so ultimate and the characterization are so good. Everyone performed their role well. Raja sir BGM are again prroved that he is maestro once again. Hats of to Bala and everyone on this Naan Kadavul Team


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