Muthalik threatens to stop Valentines day

The Chief of Ram Sena Mr.Muthalik a newly growing popular person has announced today that, He and his organisation’s workers will work on to stop the Valentine’s Day Celebration as it is not describing Our or Hindu Culture.It should be noted that Muthalik was the person who stood behind the attack on the Mangalore Pub and made announcement that the time for Hindu terror has arisen.

Now, this controversial leader has urged the Government to ban the Valentine’s day since it would spoil the Future Generations.

On replying to this,the Union Minister Renuka Chowdry has said that, If Muthalik disrupts the Valentine’s day celebration, then She would take on him of her own.Moreover she roughly said that,Muthalik is an unmarried person and doesnt know how to respect the other genders.

A reporter asked , whether she would give a rose to Muthalik and she Humoursly said that She will give him more than a rose.

The Government is looking for good reason to arrest Muthalik and if he gets into the trap,he will be nailed down.Since these type of statements can provoke some group of people into cruelsome,he should be convicted under heavy charges;

Muthalik should understand that India is changing and it will change.Though we should not forget our culture, atleast we should stick to its basics.But no can restrict a person’s privacy.Mr.Muthalik’s Statements are condemnable and he should be charged.

It is obvious that, these people are involving in all these activities only for attracting the media.If  you ask me, I ll will say,Media are the people making these people to grow.Former President of India, Mr.Abdul Kalam has once said in an interview that, Media is concentrating only in Commercialism.He said that there are more issues than robbery,murders and other crimes.He urged the media to develop the poverty that is prevailing in India.Only Media can make a Government to do right things.


One thought on “Muthalik threatens to stop Valentines day”

  1. To solve the problems we have at the moment in INDIA, about Moral policing, Corruption especially rampant with Politicians, Goondaism. Two answers, First behave like HUMANS, and second and the most Important , VOTE if you are above 18 and make a CHANGE, as AMERICA did. Let these GRANDPAS of Politics go away, make way for YOUNG and ENERGETIC to take control of the Country, so we will have a better tomorrow for our children.

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