Case Filed against Slum Dog Millionaire film

The Golden Globe award winner and Oscar nominated film Slum Dog Millionaire  is now facing a new problem.A case has been filed in Patna Court against the film for removing the term “dog” from the film’s title.Since the whole movie is a part of slum area in Mumbai,the name slum dog refers to the people living up there.Since it is a sign of insulting the poverty in India, case has been filed against it.

But according to the film maker Danny Boyle and the actor Anil Kapoor, The title for the film has been kept only after several discussions and there is a justification for keeping this title.The Team is ready to face the case.

The film is a beautiful one and there should not be any stain on this.Since it has been nominated for Oscar, these type of agitations for the film will definitely add insult to the film.

Hope all the problems would be sorted out and the film will win the Oscar awards.All the best to the Slum Dog team.


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