Bandh in Tamil Nadu

The bandh that has been called by the Srilankan Tamils Protection Movement which includes the parties  PMK,MDMK,LEFT,VCK and  BJP has been ended up today without any violence.As a gesture of protesting against the attacks on Tamils in Srilanka, the parties called for Bandh in Tamil Nadu.Shops were closed and even some offices were closed.But the essential services were not been affected.On a Summary,the bandh ended up smoothly.

Tamils in Srilanka are being killed brutally due to the Military attack on LTTE regions.In order to bring cease fire in Srilanka, the parties here in TN are trying to pursue the Central Government of India to bring cease fire in Lanka.

The leader of the Srilankan Tamil Protection movemen Mr.Nedumaran has said that, the bandh ended successfully as well as smoothly and now it is all upto to Srilankan Government and Indian Government to look into this issue.

It is true that, the head count of Tamils in Lanka are slowly depleting and by some time it may disappear on whole.The tamils in Srilanka are considered to be the ancestral s of Tamil Nadu and that is the reason why each and every person of Tamil Nadu are shouting for the protection of Tamils.

The greatest of all protest was the, Muthu Krishnan’s death in Chennai.He gave his life for the protection of Tamils.Even Politicians are shouting for the rights of Tamils and their protection, but why not they are going for strong actions like,Hunger strike till death.

The Story of Thirumavalan is different, for finishing his hunger strike, two buses were burnt in Tamil Nadu.Dont they know that,Hunger Strike was the way showed by Gandhiji.

Only if there is a coordination among the Tamil Nadu People, We can bring cease fire in Srilanka.Remember Lankans were the Refugees once and not the Tamils.Now they are making the Tamils as the Refugees.It really worries us.

Indian government is very silent in this issue, as they know it will be the last chapter of LTTE.Yes, LTTE will be uprooted, but at the same time lakhs of innocent tamils will also be uprooted.

Support for Tamils in Srilanka and not for the LTTE.There is a difference between humanitarism and terrorism.But keep in mind that LTTE is considered to be terrorist organisation only in Srilanka.World sees it as  rebellions.


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