South Africa on top of the world

After winning the Test series against Australia ,South Africa claimed the top spot in Test rankings and now they got the chance to become top team in ODI.

The Common wealth bank series ended up yesterday.As South Africa had already won the series,they played the last match for good finishing.Australia hoped for a decent finish.But all it went to South Africa.The Proteas won the match,as well the series and become the no.1 team in World rankings.

The domination  of Aussies in World cricket is over.It was India which triggered its declination.Last year, Australia lost against India in Common Wealth bank series.Now against South Africa.

Now its a great pressure for the Australian Skipper Ponting as he lost the series as well the No.1 spot.We can expect some hot announcement from Cricket Australia as well as Ponting.The successor for Ponting is ready for the team and it is obviously Michael Clarke.

The domination is over and Cricket is now Competitive.World Champions are deafeatable.

Hope, Australia will bounce back from this fall and change their strategy in game plan.


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