48 hour cease fire going to end in Srilanka

The furious attack of Srilankan Military on the LTTE regions have been put on hold for two days by the Srilankan army,as lot of people are in custody with LTTE.After Pranab’s visit to Srilanka, the government has decided to give 48 hours for LTTE to get surrendered and let the Tamils out from their custody.The safe passage has been created and now that 48 hour is going to be ended by this evening.Even the DMK party has urged the Tigers to get surrendered.The Party has cleared said that it is not supporting the LTTE but it is against the attack on innocent Tamils.

The Srilankan  army may go for Air strike by today evening as the dead line is over by today.The innocent people are still in the custody of Tigers.

No more lives and no more blood.Let the Military action be in zero civilian war.The LTTE has got no other option and its their last chance to get surrender.It is better for them to surrender as they got no option in Srilanka.


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