Muthalik arrested-Supports Malegaon blast

The Chief of Shri Ram Sena has been arrested yesterday by ATS on the charge of favouring towards the malegaon bomb blast.According to ATS,there might be connection of Muthalik with Malegaon blast.It has to be noticed that Muthalik is the person who provoked the attack on Mangalore Pub.According to Hindu newspaper report, Muthalik has spoken about the Hindu Terrorism saying that the time has arise for the hindu militants.He also figured the Malegaon blast as a curtain raising stuff and said that soon there will be atleast one Pragyan in every hindu house.

Such statements really worries India as it is a secular state and we people are really in need of Peace.These Statements will really rise tension between the minority and majority communities in India.India is not a mono religiousĀ  country.

Muthalik should understand that,Just by words he cannot be popularised.He is also following the same formula as MNS chief followed.Dont think these acts will popularise you.

According to my view, only in North India these sought of hinduism problems occur.When you compare the North Indian States Vs South India, the people in South are very broad minded, that they knew the extent of religious activities.If the previous line hurts anyone,I apologise for that.I m not mentioning about the whole, but the people who are sticking very much towards religion.People here will never insult other religions and we follow the fact,every religion has its own reputation.So no religion is lower than other.

Dravidans are strong in their policies and there is no problem for dravidians in religious issues,as they never take religions a big issue.We consider all people are human beings and religions just for their identification.

Remember religions are made by men and not by the God who is believed to be one.


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