Jayalalitha Slashes Karunanidhi

The Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Selvi.Jayalalitha has Slashed the CM of TN Mr.Karunanidhi,relating him to LTTE.She said that the LTTE is making use of the innocent Tamil Lives for their sake (as a shield).The only way to assure their safetiness of Tamils in Srilanka is by surrendering  of LTTE and they should  drop off their weapons.

She also said that,The surrendering could be made possible if Mr.Karunanidhi make some request to LTTE.She also added that the fund collected for the Tamilan relief fund has been used misappropriately and it has got into the hands of LTTE.These statements created tense between the two rival parties.

On  replying to this, Mr.Karunanidhi condemned her comments on him and the funds being misused.He seeks for her apology in this issue, as many are shedding their bloods as well their lives.

One thing is clear from all these.There has been a great drama taking over in TamilNadu as the last page of LTTE chapter is going to be finished.

World loves peace, if war could end up with peace, why not lets go for that.But remember, weapons are different and they cannot be dropped once taken.


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