Tatas to slash 5000 jobs

The Indian industry giant Tata has decided to go for reduction in task force.The Global slowdown in economy has made many companies to reduce their work force.The UK is in recession and its largest steel maker Corus which was bought by Tata last year is now feeling the heat.The Tatas has decided to cut 3500 jobs in Corus as a first step to survive in UK competition.Tata’s also said that more job cuts can be expected and it could be even from Jaguar land rover.

Tata has clearly said that,the Corus company with 23000 employees will not be shut down and inorder to make it strong they are searching  ways.

The world is suffereing from this severe disease and still affecting many.The markets are still volatile and anything can happen at anytime.

Recently the UK government has announced that the Country is in recession.The UK government is expected to come up with assistance to boost the country’s car industry, which is hit by the economic downturn. “It is understood the planned job cuts (at Corus) will come across the company’s 23,000-strong British workforce, and are not expected to lead to the closure of any large sites,” the report said.


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