NSE and BSE holidays

Thursday                 8th January 2009            Moharram
Monday                   26th January 2009          Republic Day
Monday                   23rd February 2009       Mahashivratri
Tuesday                  10th March 2009              Id-E-Milad
Wednesday            11th March 2009              Holi
Friday                      3rd April 2009                  Ram Navmi
Tuesday                  7th April 2009                  Mahavir Jayanti
Friday                    10th April 2009                  Good Friday
Tuesday                14th April 2009                  Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti
Friday                    1st May 2009                      Maharashtra Day
Monday                21st September 2009      Ramzan Id
Monday                28th September 2009    Dasera
Friday                    2nd October 2009          Gandhi Jayanti
Monday                19th October 2009         Diwali ( Bhaubeez)
Monday                2nd November 2009     Gurunanak Jayanti
Friday                   25th December 2009     Christmas
Monday                28th December 2009     Moharram


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